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Spring forward, lose hour of sleep this weekend
Daylight Savings--Pic 1a
Al Talavera sets a watch ahead an hour at New York Diamonds. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL
It starts with changing the time of the microwave and the VCR – a tandem that makes the Rubik’s Cube look like a maze that goes in one direction.

And by the time you factor in all of your watches, alarm clocks, and wall clocks, what should be a simple task turns into a headache.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Daylight Savings Time.

On Sunday, March 14, at 2 a.m., residents and business owner alike are tasked with moving each and every one of their clocks ahead an hour – taking away an hour of sleep with the goal in mind to eventually extend the sunlight during summer months.

Some feel it’s an agrarian pastime to allow farmers more time to tend their crops. Others – including states like Arizona – just simply don’t bother at all.

Regardless, it creates a mini jet lag for millions of Americans that have to take the time to readjust to the big ball of fire in the sky.
Not everyone is in favor of such a move.

“Each and every year I always forget to switch at least a couple of clocks and that really throws me off,” said Chris Johnson. “I’ve been late to work a couple of times, but since I use my cell phone as my alarm and they change it automatically, that hasn’t happened for a while.”

Friday afternoon I stopped by New York Diamonds to chat with Al Talavera, and was relieved to find out that he didn’t have to change the time on the hundreds of watches that the store carries – even going so far as to show a new piece that actually freezes the battery to prevent it from running out just after a customer walks out of the store.

“That would just way too long,” Talavera said. “When we take a piece out to show a customer we’ll set the time, but going through that entire case would take so long to do.”

Steven Mendoza, who was pushing a shopping cart out to his car at Target, didn’t hesitate in reciting the “spring forward, fall behind” motto that comes with daylight savings time – spring forward, fall behind.
Let’s just hope that there aren’t too many people that forget to do just that come Monday morning.

It might be best just to wait a few hours before heading out for those early morning charms. Not everyone is going to be on the same page.