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• PARACHUTIST CRASHES IN ACAMPO VINEYARD: ACAMPO – A parachutist had to be taken to the hospital Sunday afternoon after crashing into a vineyard, Woodbridge Fire officials say.

The vineyard is along Peltier Road.

People with the Parachute Center say that the man is an experienced jumper who had his canopy get tangled up during a photo shoot.

The man possibly has a broken collar bone and a few broken ribs, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

• CITIZENS GO TO AID OF STOCKTON POLICE OFFICER: STOCKTON - Two vigilant neighbors helped take down a documented gang member after he tried to disarm a Stockton Police officer.

The incident began on Canterbury Drive Thursday afternoon when neighbor Frank Hummel noticed a suspicious man standing near his neighbor’s car and call 911.

Hummel kept his eyes on the man until an officer showed up, but the officer’s partner was still a ways away.

He was by himself and when he pulled up he immediately pulled his gun out and told the suspect to get down on the ground and he didn’t. The suspect took off running.

The officer called for backup, but decided to pursue the suspect on his own. The suspect ran through the neighborhood, up to El Dorado, before running behind Albierto’s Restaurant.

Joseph Locaso and his wife were on their way home when they spotted the suspect running and the officer taking off after him.

When Locaso and his wife pulled into Albierto’s restaurant, they found the officer and suspect wrestling on the ground. That’s when Locaso jumped out to help.

The officer was able to cuff the suspect with Locaso’s help before backup arrived. Stockton Police said the department is very grateful to Locaso for jumping in.

“We’re very fortunate a citizen saw what was going on and made the decision to get involved, because if that suspect was able to unholster that gun, we don’t know what could’ve happened,” Officer Joe Silva said.

Stockton police arrested Phyrun Dok, 28, for burglary and resisting arrest.