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Bay Area briefs
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ALCATRAZ SWIMMERS HIDE FROM SEARCH: SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The Coast Guard says two men who swam from San Francisco's Aquatic Park to Alcatraz hid on the island while rescuers spent nearly three hours searching for them.

A boater spotted the pair in the bay Thursday night and notified authorities.

Coast Guard officer Mark Leahey says officials thought they might be swimmers in distress and two boats and a helicopter began a search.

Rangers searching with flashlights eventually found the two men lying face down on the island's Agave trail.

They were cited for trespassing, entering a closed area, disturbing wildlife and creating a hazardous condition.

Officials said the men, each 38 years old, were off-duty firefighters from an agency outside the San Francisco Bay area.

Leahey says swimmers should alert the Coast Guard before attempting a swim to Alcatraz.

HIGH SCHOOL'S AP TEST SCORES INVALIDATED: MILLBRAE  (AP) — The College Board and Educational Testing Service has invalidated more than 200 Advanced Placement tests at a San Francisco Bay Area high school due to "seating irregularities."

The College Board says Mills High School in Millbrae failed to follow protocols during the administration of 11 exams to 224 students in May.

The protocols cover seating, including the distance between desks, the direction students face, and the size of tables at which more than one student is seated.

A spokesman for the board, Tom Ewing, tells the newspaper some students may have gained an unfair advantage. But he didn't immediately respond to a question about whether there is any evidence of cheating.

The school is demanding College Board reinstate the test scores rather than re-administer the tests next month.

EX-SF CRIME TECH SENTENCED TO HOME CONFINEMENT:  SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A former San Francisco Police crime lab technician accused of skimming cocaine she was supposed to be testing has been sentenced to one year of home confinement and five years of probation.

Deborah Madden, 63, apologized at her sentencing Friday, saying she ended her career in a shameful way.

The San Mateo resident agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor cocaine possession after two juries deadlocked in the federal felony case.

The judge also ordered her to pay a $5,000 fine and perform 300 hours of community service, but rejected prosecutors' request for a one-year prison sentence.

Madden was at the center of a scandal resulting in hundreds of drug cases being dropped after she was accused of taking cocaine evidence from the lab while she worked there in late 2009.