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Bay Area news briefs
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Oakland city officials' addresses posted online

OAKLAND  (AP) — The hacker group Anonymous appears to have posted the addresses and other personal information of Oakland city officials to the Internet.

The information went up on Tuesday on a website attributed to the group. An accompanying note expresses anger over police action against members of Occupy Oakland and budget cuts finalized by the city.

Mayor Jean Quan, Police Chief Howard Jordan and City Council members were among those whose information was included in the posting.

Man killed at DF homeless shelter

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A suspect is under arrest for a fatal stabbing at a San Francisco homeless shelter.

Police say a 44-year-old man was killed Monday night during a fight at the St. Vincent de Paul Society shelter in the city's South of Market district.

Shelter workers told police that they heard yelling, then found the victim on the ground. Officers arrested 63-year-old Ricky Leon Scott about a block away.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. His name has not been released.

The St. Vincent shelter is a drop-in center with 200 beds and 145 mats. It can accommodate 45 woman and 335 men nightly.

Shelter officials declined comment on the stabbing.

Alameda sheriff's deputy pleads not guilty to rape

DUBLIN, Calif. (AP) — An Alameda County Sheriff's deputy has pleaded not guilty to rape charges.

Twenty-seven-year-old David Reta entered the plea on Monday. He is charged with rape and attempted forcible oral copulation.

Reta is accused of attacking a woman in Moraga in September. Police and prosecutors have not released additional details about the alleged rape.

Reta's attorney, Daniel Russo, said his client used to date the woman. He told the Contra Costa Times Reta will be exonerated when all the evidence comes out.

Wine warehouse arsonist gets 27 years prison

VALLEJO. (AP) — A former California wine keeper convicted of destroying more than 4.5 million bottles in a warehouse fire was sentenced Tuesday to 27 years in prison.

A federal judge in Sacramento also ordered Mark Anderson to pay $70.3 million to customers who lost their premium collections in the October 2005 blaze.

Anderson, 63, stored the wine for 95 vintners and dozens of private collectors for a fee at the Wine Central warehouse in Vallejo. Prosecutors say he set the fire to cover up the fact that he was embezzling wine for years.

Winemakers from Napa and Sonoma counties stored wine inside the warehouse, a former submarine repair facility. It was thought to be fireproof because of its thick concrete walls and floors.

The building did not have sprinklers, meaning the fire spread quickly. It heated the inside of the warehouse to about 2,000 degrees, cooking the wine in its bottles. Anderson, 63, came under immediate suspicion because he was at the facility the day the fire started, and because the blaze originated in his section and was sparked by gasoline-soaked rags.