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ASSEMBLY BILL TO REGULATE MEDICAL MARIJUANA FAILS: SACRAMENTO  (AP) — A bill to regulate the sale of medical marijuana in California has failed in the Assembly.

The legislation from Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco would have monitored the production and sale of medical marijuana through the state's alcohol enforcement department.

AB473 fell six votes short of a majority Friday.

Ammiano said his bill would not have prevented further regulations on the local level. About 200 California cities have banned marijuana dispensaries.

In a statement after the vote, he said he will continue to push for state oversight.

The Senate passed a related measure last week stating that dispensaries cannot operate at a profit. Under SB439, the owners can receive reasonable compensation for expenses.

That bill awaits consideration in the Assembly.

ASSEMBLY SHELVES BILL ON HOSPITAL CHARITY CARE: SACRAMENTO  (AP) — A legislative effort to force nonprofit hospitals to justify their tax-exempt status has been shelved for the year.

The bill from Democratic Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski of Fremont would have required the hospitals to provide more details about the charitable care they provide.

The California Nurses Association and other labor groups say the tax benefits nonprofit hospitals receive are far larger than the value of their charitable work.

The California Hospital Association and business groups opposed AB975. They say hospitals are following state law and warn that charitable care would be reduced under the proposed rules.

The legislation was among bills that were held over for next year during Friday's deadline session. On Thursday, it had failed on several attempts to get enough votes to pass.