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Car lands on roof of apartment
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FRESNO  (AP) — A car ended up perched on the roof of a Fresno apartment after it was launched through the air when the driver lost control on a curve and hit landscaping rocks, according to police.
Police and firefighters arrived at the apartment around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday to find neighbors taking pictures with their cell phones.
"I don't know how it landed so perfectly on the roof, but it was a miracle I guess," Francisco Perez, an onlooker, told KFSN-TV.
The driver, Benjamin Tucker, 25, had stolen the car from a nearby home and suffered a broken leg when he jumped from the roof after the crash, according to police.
He was arrested about a quarter mile away and booked on suspicion of hit-and-run, vehicle theft and obstructing an officer.
The apartment's occupants were not hurt.
Ralph White, who lives in the apartment with his family, said he awoke to falling debris and smoke and ran to a neighbor's house to call police.
"Everybody is still in shock. It's crazy," White said.
A towing company had to use a crane to get the car down in an operation that took several hours.