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CHP rescues hang glider dangling from tree in Milpitas
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MILPITAS . (AP) — A Bay Area  hang glider who ended up dangling from a eucalyptus tree is back on earth thanks to a California Highway Patrol helicopter crew who performed a delicate rescue operation.

The  63-year-old pilot crashed into trees in Milpitas Tuesday. Crews on the ground weren't able to use ladders to reach the man, who was hanging from his aircraft 50 feet up.

CHP Sgt. Duncan Jensen says the helicopter crew employed a hoist-style rescue mission from about 150 feet above the man, to reduce prop wash.

An officer was lowered down and cut the man free of his airframe. Then both were then gently lowered to the ground.

Jensen called it one of the most difficult — and unusual — rescues the crew ever performed.

The pilot was not hurt.