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Davis rejects fluoride in city drinking water
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DAVIS  (AP) — Davis' City Council has rejected a proposal to add fluoride to the city's drinking water, after facing strong opposition from residents.

Councilmembers voted 4-1 Tuesday against the plan to add the cavity-fighting mineral to its water supply.

City leaders feared that anger over the additive could derail Davis' larger plans to draw water from the Sacramento River.

Voters in March passed Measure I, authorizing officials to move ahead on a project to augment existing groundwater supplies starting in 2016. But opponents said voters learned only after the election that fluoride could be added.

Alan Pryor, who leads Davis Citizens Against Fluoridation, said many citizens felt betrayed.

Councilwoman Lucas Frerichs called it a "bait-and-switch."

Only Councilman Dan Wolk voted to fluoridate Davis' water supply, calling the plan an obligation to protect children's dental health.