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Dog owner arrested after Akitas alleged attack on 3-year-old
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MURIETTA  (AP) — A Southern California man has been arrested after his 3-year-old Akita allegedly attacked a toddler at a home improvement store.

Authorities say 62-year-old Robert Kahn was booked Thursday for investigation of criminal negligence after they found prior incidents of the dog showing aggression toward small children. He's been released on $5,000 bail and scheduled to return to court Feb. 27.

Police say a 3-year-old boy was bitten on the face and neck by the leashed dog on Saturday. The boy needed about 50 stitches to fix his wounds.

Investigators found the dog had injured two other children, ages 3 and 5, in separate incidents in October and November. The injuries didn't require hospitalization and were never reported to authorities.

The dog remains quarantined.