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Driver impaled by metal rod on I-580 near Livermore.
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LIVERMORE  (AP) — The California Highway Patrol is looking for witnesses, as it investigates the death of a man who was impaled by a metal rod while driving on Interstate 580 around Livermore.

The incident occurred around 8:11 a.m. Wednesday. The CHP says the 2 to 3-foot long rod went through the windshield of the westbound Volvo station wagon, penetrating the driver's upper torso and head area. The driver — identified only as a 33-year-old Sacramento County resident — crashed into an embankment. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

CHP officials say the rod was about an inch or 2 in diameter and may have come off a truck. They are doubtful, however, that they will find the vehicle without help from a witness since the bar had no markings or company name.