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FPPC fines Brown-linked initiative committee
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SACRAMENTO  (AP) — California’s campaign watchdog is levying a $2,500 fine on a committee formed with Gov. Jerry Brown to promote a 2016 ballot measure easing criminal penalties.

The Fair Political Practices Commission said Monday that the committee’s website failed to clearly and conspicuously name the California Democratic Party as one of its top two contributors of $50,000 or more.

Investigators say there is no indication the committee, known as Yes on Prop. 57, Californians and Governor Brown for Public Safety and Rehabilitation, intended to violate the law.

The committee complied once it was told of the problems and agreed to the $2,500 penalty.

It was formed to support a successful initiative allowing earlier parole for thousands of inmates. The measure also removed prosecutors’ power to decide when juveniles are tried as adults.