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Fugitive rapist captured, his father arrested
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FRESNO (AP) — A convicted rapist was captured in Mexico, and his father — a California Highway Patrol assistant chief — was arrested for allegedly helping him flee, authorities said.

Spencer Scarber, 20, was returned Saturday to Fresno after Mexican authorities took him into custody in Acapulco on Thursday.

Scarber was convicted in absentia on rape, robbery and burglary charges in December. He fled Fresno County three days before his conviction.

His parents and his older sister were arrested Saturday on suspicion of felony conspiracy to help a fugitive escape. His father, 49-year-old Kyle Scarber, is an assistant chief with the CHP’s Central Division.

The patrol said in a statement it would conduct a separate investigation into Kyle Scarber’s alleged involvement. The father was released from jail Sunday after posting bail.

The son remained held without bail.

The convict’s 51-year-old mother, Gail Scarber, was arrested on charges of being an accessory, possession of a false birth certificate and passport, forgery and false impersonation of another person. She was being held on bail of $107,000.

The sister, 33-year-old Crystal Reynoso, was booked on charges of being an accessory and driving with a suspended license. Her bail was set at $101,000.

The arrests of the family members came after prosecutors said in December that a car registered to Gail Scarber had crossed the U.S. border into Mexico on Dec. 12, but a return trip for the car was not recorded. Prosecutors say Gail Scarber and Reynoso walked back into the U.S. at the San Ysidro border crossing.

The attorney for Spencer Scarber, Antonio Alvarez, said he was considering a motion for a new trial.