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Great Bull Run draws thrill seekers, protesters
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PLEASANTON  (AP) — Hundreds of thrill-seekers paid for the chance to run with 2,000-pound bulls — despite protests from animal-rights activists.

Organizers say the Great Bull Run attracted about 2,500 people who raced two dozen bulls at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton on Saturday.

It’s an American version of the annual running-with-bulls event in Pamplona, Spain. Organizers say it’s the first such event in California.

The Pleasanton bull run attracted crowds of spectators — and several dozen protesters who held signs that read, “It’s not entertainment, it’s violence.”

Animal-rights activists sued to stop the bull runs, but the case wasn’t resolved in time to stop Saturday’s event.

Organizers say the bulls are well cared for and not mistreated.

The Hayward Daily Review reports at least one person was injured and had to be taken away by ambulance.