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Humboldt deputies find 111 guns, ammo, 177 pounds of pot in cave
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GERBERVILLE  (AP) — Authorities have seized a stockpile of 111 firearms, at least 20 of them stolen, from a 55-acre Humboldt County property where they also found 117 pounds of dried marijuana, ammunition, body armor and $12,000 in cash, the sheriff's department announced Wednesday.

Deputies located the bulk of the weapons Tuesday stashed in a brush-covered cave, sheriff's Lt. Steve Knight said. Among the weapons recovered were a World War II-era automatic machine gun with a full belt of ammunition, semi-automatic handguns and Soviet semi-automatic rifles.

Investigators think the weapons and the drugs were destined for the black market, Knight said.

"No matter what, these guns are out of somebody's hands who should not have had them," he said. "This is not a licensed firearm dealer. This is someone who most likely was planning to sell them for criminal purposes."

Deputies obtained a warrant to search the property after they arrested a man who lived there, Ryan Floyd, on a probation violation from earlier gun and marijuana charges. Floyd had been wanted in connection with a stolen truck that had been abandoned by its driver Feb. 2 when a deputy tried to pull it over.

An initial search turned up a handgun, 45 pounds of marijuana and enough empty gun cases that investigators decided to go back for a more thorough search, which led them to the cave stash. They also recovered jewelry, tractors and other items that Humboldt residents have reported as stolen.

Humboldt County prosecutors have charged Floyd, 30, with seven felony drug and weapons charges, although Knight said more charges are pending. He remains jailed on $400,000 bail.

The district attorney's office said Floyd is scheduled to be arraigned Feb. 20 and has not yet retained a lawyer.