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Long-sunken tire reef sees daylight due to drought
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PERRIS (AP) — A reef made of giant tires that was sunk 40 years ago in a Southern California lake has broken the surface again, thanks to the drought.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise says receding waters of Lake Perris have exposed dozens of tractor tires that were used to create hiding spots for fish when the lake was filled.

Some of the tires are 8 feet tall.

Local fishermen know the sunken reef as a prime spot to catch bass, catfish, trout and bluegill.

Sunken boats and trees also are popping up at the lake.

The water level has dropped 40 feet to its lowest point since the manmade reservoir opened in 1973.

The level was lowered to make dam repairs and also to supply drought-stricken Riverside County with drinking water.