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McDonalds Honoring Mantecan
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Kari Johnson, a Crew Member at Manteca’s Union Road McDonald’s, is being recognized with the prestigious Crew Person of the Year Award, an annual honor given to outstanding McDonald’s Crew Members who have shown exceptional contributions to their customers and restaurant teams.
Johnson was selected as one of 22 award recipients representing each McDonald’s region nationwide. Selected out of roughly 22,500 McDonald’s Crew Members in the area, Johnson will represent the Pacific Sierra Region, which consists of 560 restaurants between Fresno, California and Carson City, Nevada. The first to receive the Crew Person of the Year Award at this Manteca McDonald’s restaurant, Johnson will be presented with a plaque, monetary award, and celebratory party for her contributions to McDonald’s.
A true team player at McDonald’s, Johnson has been working as a Crew Member for four years. Within those years, Kari has impacted her community and workforce with positivity and professionalism. Johnson is known by colleagues and patrons alike as a role model. She greets everyone with a smile and upbeat attitude and is often asked about by regulars.
“I take pride in my work,” Johnson said. “I love it when customers ask for me or my coworkers ask me for help and advice. My customers and teammates make it easy to come to work each day.”
Johnson is also proactive about her responsibilities within the McDonald’s franchise. Often going above and beyond what is expected of her, Johnson assists in the training of new employees, runs the front counter at her restaurant, and aids in the career development of fellow Crew Members.
 “A great customer experience starts with a great employee experience. People want to feel respected and valued for their contributions. A positive force, Kari exudes all these qualities on a daily basis. It’s an absolute joy to have Kari on our team,” said Lupe Morales, General Manager at McDonald’s.
Johnson is a devoted grandmother and volunteer within the Manteca community. She spends many afternoons and evenings participating in her grandchildren’s after-school activities.
Community members and McDonald’s Crew Members will celebrate Johnson’s accomplishments at the McDonald’s location at 1236 W. Yosemite Ave., on Monday, March 28, at 10 a.m. It is open to the community.