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• WATER BOARD APPROVES SANTA BARBARA DESALINATION PERMIT: SANTA BARBARA  (AP) — A state board has approved a permit to allow the city of Santa Barbara to restart its desalination plant and tap the ocean to turn salty seawater to fresh water amid an historic drought.

The Central Coast Regional Water Board said Monday that its action modifies a 1991 permit to clarify that the facility meets state requirements for operating an open-ocean intake.

The city agreed to update the plant’s screen technology and pay $500,000 toward a coastal restoration project.

The city estimated last May that it will need $20 million in technological upgrades, a cost likely to be borne by ratepayers.


• BAY AREA POLICE SHOOT, KILL 2 SUSPECTS: EMERYVILLE  (AP) — Police in Northern California have shot and killed two suspects in unrelated incidents.

An Emeryville Police officer shot and killed a woman authorities say drew a weapon outside a retail store after a shoplifting incident Tuesday afternoon.

The Oakland Tribune reported Tuesday that police responded to the store after receiving complaint of a combative theft suspect. The store also reported the suspect, a woman, was armed. She was shot a short time later outside the store. No further details were available. Oakland and Emeryville police said they are investigating.

Earlier Tuesday, the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department reported that a suspect in Antioch, California was shot and killed in an unrelated incident.