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• STORE OWNER SUES LOTTERY WINNER FOR HALF OF PRIZE: MILPITAS  (AP) — A woman who won $1 million from the California lottery is being sued by a San Francisco Bay Area liquor store owner who sold her the winning scratch-off ticket.

KNTV reports Laxmi Bhardwaj, owner of USA Liquors in Milpitas, claims 53-year-old Eva Reyes promised to evenly split the prize.

Each would receive about $350,000 after taxes.

Bhardwaj claims he loaned her the money to buy lottery tickets, the television station reports.

Court documents show Bhardwaj has a note signed by Reyes guaranteeing him half of the prize.

But Reyes claims she agreed to only give him $50,000 as a sign of good will.


• STUDENT SUES UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO OVER RAPE RESPONSE: SAN DIEGO (AP) — A lawsuit targeting the University of San Diego claims administrators did not properly respond after a woman reported being raped by two fellow students at an off-campus party in May 2013.

U-T San Diego reported Wednesday that the suit filed by a student known as “Jane Doe” accuses a professor of discouraging her from going to the police. The student says others at the private Catholic school discouraged her from pursuing any action against the men.

She finally reported the incident to police last September. USD administrators held a hearing about her claim in November, but determined she had not proven her allegations.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is investigating the school’s response.


• WHITTIER POLICE OFFICERS SUE OVER ALLEGED TICKET QUOTAS: LOS ANGELES (AP) — Six Whittier police officers are suing the department, claiming they were punished for challenging illegal ticket quotas.

The suit was filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

It alleges that in 2008 the suburban Police Department set quotas for issuing traffic tickets and citations, even though quotas violate California’s vehicle code.

The suit says officers who refused to participate or complained to supervisors and the Internal Affairs Division were punished in various ways, including being transferred and having negative reports placed in their files.

City Manager Jeffrey Collier calls the lawsuit unfortunate but he and police spokesman John Scoggins otherwise declined to comment.