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uMAN LEADS CHP ON 3.5-HOUR CHASE: STOCKTON  (AP) — A man driving a stolen big rig truck in Northern California led the state highway patrol on a 3 ½-hour chase early Thursday before being taken into custody.

California Highway Patrol Officer Adrian Quintero says the man — identified as 42-year-old Michael Anthony Lopez of Stockton — evaded officers from just after 3 a.m. until shortly before 7 a.m. as he weaved through the city’s streets.

The CHP used a helicopter and several patrol units to follow him, Quintero says, before they were finally able to stop him on Flora Street at Airport Way. He surrendered peacefully.

Lopez was driving a stolen big-rig truck carrying scrap metal.

u14-YEAR-OLD HARGED WITH MURDER IN SISTER’S DEATH: OAKLAND . (AP) — The attorney for a 14-year-old California boy says his client has been charged with murder in his older sister’s shooting death that authorities say came during a dispute over laundry.

The teen’s attorney, Adante Pointer, said Thursday that the charge includes a gun enhancement and his client also faces three counts of felony gun possession.

Pointer says Alameda County prosecutors have decided to charge the boy as a juvenile and not as an adult. He’s scheduled to appear in court Monday.

Authorities say the boy shot his 17-year-old sister inside an apartment building in Oakland’s Chinatown neighborhood Jan. 23. The siblings were each parents of young children.

The boy surrendered to police Wednesday.

uSCHOOL COUNSELOR ARRESTED FOR SELLING MARIJUANA: SAN JOSE  (AP) — San Jose police say they have arrested a 20-year-old after-school program leader for selling marijuana to two students at Willow Glen Middle School.

Police said Thursday that Edward Diaz was arrested Tuesday by officers responding to reports that he was selling marijuana. Diaz was tutoring in the school’s “Think Together” program which aims to help close achievement gaps.

Think Together spokesman Tony Dodero said Thursday that Diaz had cleared two federal background checks.

uHUNDREDS OF DEAD FISH FOUND IN KINGS RIVER : FRESNO  (AP) — State wildlife officials are investigating a fish kill at a popular angling spot in the Kings River near Fresno.

A fisherman took video of several clusters of hundreds of dead fish floating on the river and posted it to YouTube.

Chango Thao, says he made the video after being greeted at his favorite fishing spot by a horrible stench and hundreds of dead fish.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman Mike Conely says an investigation is underway, and that biologists believe the fish suffocated after getting stuck in an area of the river too small for them due to low flows.

uBILL WOULD CONTINUE CARE FOR LONG-TERM TREATMENT: SACRAMENTO  (AP) — A bill that has passed the state Assembly would allow patients who lose their individual health insurance under the Affordable Care Act to continue seeing a provider who is treating them for specific conditions such as cancer or pregnancy.

With a 74-0 vote, lawmakers Thursday approved AB369 by Democratic Assemblyman Richard Pan of Sacramento.

It would apply to people receiving specific treatments whose policies are canceled between Dec. 1 of last year and March 31 of this year. That pool could be as high as 900,000.

The patient would need to request the coverage from their new insurer, which could ask to pay the same lower negotiated rate as other providers.

The bill is urgent and would take effect immediately if approved by the Senate and signed by the governor.


SAN DIEGO (AP) — The San Diego County parks department hopes to raise as much as $6 million or more by selling naming rights for park facilities.

Supervisors voted 4-1 to approve the plan to sell naming rights of up to 20 years for park trails, fields, community centers and the like.

Prices could run as high at $200,000 for substantially long trails named for two decades.

Park names themselves are not for sale.

Groups, businesses and individuals could purchase the rights. However, nothing promoting a product, alcohol, gambling or a political or religious viewpoint is allowed.

The newspaper says the plan is the result of a more than yearlong study by officials to come up with ways to generate revenues for maintenance and new park development.