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• DRUG LAB EXPLOSION KILLS 1, HURTS 2; HOUSE GUTTED: SAN BERNARDINO (AP) — Authorities say an explosion that tore apart a Southern California shack, killing one person and critically injuring two others, was caused by a lab illegally making hash oil.

The blast shortly before 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in Muscoy destroyed a 500-square-foot home.

Authorities say the body of 61-year-old Adrian Curiel of Chino was found buried in wreckage in the basement.

A critically injured woman with a head injury was found partially buried by debris in the basement and a burned man, also critically injured, was found walking near the home.

Investigators determined that the blast was caused by production of hash oil — also called honey oil — a concentrated form of marijuana that is made by dissolving pot leaves in butane and then cooking it.


• DEAL DIVIDES BILLIONS IN CLOSED NUKE  PLANT’S COSTS: LOS ANGELES (AP) — Consumers will pay about $3.3 billion and shareholders will pay about $1.4 billion under a settlement approved Thursday on costs stemming from the premature closure of the San Onofre nuclear power plant.

The vote by the California Public Utilities Commission was 5-0.

At issue has been who should take the financial hit for the early demise of the plant located between Los Angeles and San Diego — company shareholders or customers.

The settlement of who should pay the $4.7 billion cost from the closure stems from negotiations among operator Southern California Edison, minority owner San Diego Gas & Electric Co. and consumer advocates. 

Consumers will pay the estimated $3.3 billion in costs over 10 years, including for power purchased after the plant shut down.


• OC TRAFFIC STOP TURNS UP ASSAULT RIFLES, AMMO: NEWPORT BEACH  (AP) — A routine traffic stop in Orange County ended with an officer arresting two people and seizing seven automatic rifles and a large cache of ammunition.

The Dodge Caravan was pulled over last week in Newport Beach because it had expired tags.

During the stop, the officer determined that 42-year-old Andrew John Cardiel Jr. was driving on a suspended license. His passenger, 30-year-old Heather Magun Gurule, was on probation.

Police spokeswoman Jennifer Manzella says officers uncovered seven AK-47 assault rifles, 16 magazines and more than 350 rounds of ammunition.

She says all of the guns were modified to fire in fully automatic mode and one had been reported stolen in Georgia.