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Obama sees 'glimmers of functionality' in DC during fundraiser in Palo Alto
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PALO ALTO  (AP) — President Barack Obama says he's starting to see some functionality in Washington but he's still not getting the cooperation he needs from Congress.

Obama told Democratic donors Thursday that Democrats don't have a monopoly on wisdom. He said Democrats aren't overly ideological at the moment and don't think government can do everything. But he said Democrats do think government has a role to play.

Obama said the U.S. has everything going for it, but millions of people are still missing out on opportunity. He said the only way he can change that is if Americans elect members of Congress who share his optimism and are willing to compromise.

Obama spoke at a fundraiser for Senate Democrats' campaign committee at the Palo Alto home of Flipboard CEO Mike McCue.

He carried that theme to a second fundraiser for Democratic Senate candidates, held at the sprawling Portola Valley home of venture capitalist Vinod Khosla.

Obama hailed bipartisan efforts to overhaul immigration law and protect innovators, such as those in Silicon Valley, from so-called patent trolls — companies that obtain patents but don't do actual research or development. Those companies can use their patents to seek licensing fees from others who make products or provide services.

On bigger issues he said there is still too much obstruction and interest in winning elections coming from the Republican Party, and not enough interest in solving problems.

Donors paid between $2,500 and $32,400 to attend each event.