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Proposition 33 at a glance
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What it would do: Allow insurance companies to charge motorists based in part on their history of coverage. Insurers could offer discounts to drivers who have maintained coverage and charge higher rates on those who have not.

Support: Insurance billionaire George Joseph, chairman of insurer Mercury General Corp., and other industry advocates, including the American Agents Alliance. They say the measure will increase competition by allowing customers to maintain a loyalty discount when they change insurers. Additional supporters include the Veterans of Foreign Wars of California, the California Republican Party and the Greenlining Institute, which advocates for economic justice.

Oppose: Consumer advocates, most notably the Santa Monica-based Consumer Watchdog, Consumers for Auto Reliability & Safety and the Utilities Reform Network. These groups say the measure will allow insurance companies to charge higher rates to drivers who have gone without insurance, which could result in more uninsured drivers on the road. Additional opponents include the California Democratic Party and the California Labor Federation.

Campaign donations: Groups supporting the initiative had raised $8.5 million as of mid-September, with the overwhelming majority coming from Mercury chairman George Joseph. Other insurance companies have contributed several thousand dollars each. Opponents had raised about $100,000 by the same period, mostly from Consumer Watchdog and the Campaign for Consumer Rights.