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Vector control urges you to get rid of standing water
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San Joaquin County Mosquito and Vector Control District (District) urges mosquito prevention now to reduce the spread of mosquito-borne disease later.
 “Last year in San Joaquin County, the mosquito species capable of carrying West Nile virus (WNV) reached record high numbers since 2008,” said Aaron Devencenzi, Public Information Officer with the District. “Since recent rains and warmer days, removing standing water will help prevent large mosquito populations.”
During California West Nile Virus and Mosquito and Vector Control District Awareness week, everyone can do their part to prevent mosquito development. Simple actions like removing standing water from outdoor buckets and containers along with repairing leaking faucets and broken sprinklers reduce mosquito development. Properly dispose of old tires or keep them in a dry area. Often forgotten, rain gutters clogged with leaves hold water and need to be cleaned. If you or your neighbor has a neglected swimming pool, call the District for mosquito prevention help.
To learn more about mosquito and vector control activities in San Joaquin County go to the District’s website at
Mosquito control activities include: making recommendations to property owners on methods to reduce mosquito breeding conditions; educating the public on mosquito prevention techniques, including the use of repellents; introducing mosquitofish to ponds, ditches, and other aquatic sites; and spraying areas where mosquitoes are found.

To request District service, call 209.982.4675, 1.800.300.4675 or visit the District website at