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Scout troop rescued when temps top 90
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SAN BERNARDINO (AP) — Hot and tired members of a Southern California Boy Scout troop were rescued during a 10-mile hike after temperatures topped 90 degrees.

The San Bernardino Sun reports ( an 11-year-old boy who suffered dehydration and heat exhaustion during Saturday's trek was taken to a hospital for treatment.

No other members of the 12-person group from Lake Arrowhead required treatment.

Eight members continued hiking the Daley Canyon Road trail after the 11-year-old stopped to rest and couldn't continue. The larger group became lost in ten-foot manzanita plants.

The Sun says San Bernardino city firefighters launched a rescue mission, teaming up with the Forest Service and sheriff's deputies in helicopters.

The Boy Scouts, through text messaging, use of a compass and other measures, were able to relay their coordinates to rescuers.