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Serial murder suspect interviews possible jurors
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SAN RAFAEL  (AP) — Addressing prospective jurors in his death penalty trial, defendant Joseph Naso on Monday mocked the prosecutor and asked odd questions.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the 79-year-old Naso, acting as his own lawyer, addressed a panel of 21 possible jurors in a selection process expected to take weeks.

Naso flailed his hands, saying he was mimicking gestures made by Marin County prosecutor Rosemary Slote during her presentation.

One female prospective juror told Naso she found his mocking of the prosecutor objectionable.

Naso is charged with killing four women with matching initials: Roxene Roggasch in 1977, Carmen Colon in 1978, Pamela Parsons in 1993 and Tracy Tafoya in 1994.

Prosecutors found dozens of photos taken by Naso in his Reno home of women who appeared to be dead, including some of the known victims. Naso has said that the models were posed unusually, but none of them were dead. He described himself as a misunderstood artist.

Naso asked the panel what they thought of him, telling them to be honest.

"I've heard remarks that I'm weird, creepy and scary," Naso said. "But can you put that aside?"

A prospective male juror replied that he could "put that to one side."

The trial is expected to begin sometime in late June.