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SF demonstrators end hunger strike after 17 days
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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Five demonstrators who stopped eating to demand the firing of San Francisco’s police chief say they have ended their hunger strike after 17 days.

A spokeswoman for the four men and one woman says in a statement they listened to the community and ended their hunger strike Saturday night, a day after they were taken to the hospital to be monitored.

The group named the Frisco Five started the hunger strike April 21 to protest two shooting deaths of minorities by police and the revelations that officers exchanged racist and homophobic text messages.

Yayne Abebe says the community asked they suspend their hunger strike so they can keep leading the movement to seek justice.

On Friday, a dozens of their supporters converged at San Francisco’s City Hall to join in the demands for San Francisco Police Chief Greg Shur to resign or be fired. Authorities arrested 33 people.