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SoCal mom offers $500 to anyone who will give her daughter a job
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MENIFEE, Calif. (AP) — A Riverside County mom is literally standing up for her daughter.

Linda Smith of Menifee spent last Friday holding up a sidewalk sign promising $500 to anyone who would get her daughter a job.

The sign urged drivers to take her daughter's resume to their bosses.

The 61-year-old Smith suffered brain damage in 1996 when a drunken driver hit her car. For the past 16 years her daughter, Lisa, was her paid caregiver. That ended in June when a doctor found that her mother was well enough to live on her own.

Since then, the daughter has looked for work without success.

Her mother says she wanted to call potential employers but didn't want to say something wrong. So instead, she wrote it on a sign.