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SoCal triplets all accepted to MIT
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NEWPORT BEACH  (AP) — A set of triplets from Newport Beach will have a bit of home on campus next fall after all three were accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Fewer than 8 percent of applicants were accepted to MIT this year and Claire, Edward and Christopher Goul were among them, KABC-TV reports.

“To have two other people that I’ve lived with my whole life that I can go to if I have any problems will be really helpful I think,” Edward said.

Their grandfather taught at MIT, but all three say they decided to attend the school independent of his connection.

The three seniors will graduate from Sage Hill School next week. There they all excelled in classes as well as competing in varsity sports and other extracurricular activities.

“Doing some sort of internships, just like getting more hands-on experience outside of the classroom, which I think really made a difference in us getting in,” Christopher said.

Claire says they will be sure to see each other occasionally on campus, though branching out is also important.

“Once every few months or so, maybe, or a week, I don’t know, I don’t know, we’ll see each other,” she said.

MIT Dean of Admissions Stuart Schmill says this is not the first set of triplets attending the school, but it is rare.