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Assembly member Bill Berryhill

 “I am more concerned with the details that we didn’t hear in Governor Brown’s presentation.  The answers to our questions on infrastructure, water supply and regulatory reform are paramount for the future of our state.”

Below is a breakdown of Berryhill’s position on these and other topics that are germane to the future of California:

 *REGULATORY REFORM: “I didn’t hear the Governor touch on what I consider the most important tool in getting businesses running, employment numbers increased, and taxes flowing into the system: regulatory reform.  California businesses can’t grow in this over burdensome regulatory climate.  Reducing the constraints on businesses creates jobs and tax flow.”

 *WATER: The Governor seems to be focused on Edmund Brown Sr.’s water plan, which included the construction of 3 dams and roughly 6 million acre feet of water storage, which has never been built.  Given that it has not been constructed thus far, we need to consider through-Delta conveyance vs. a peripheral canal.

 “Californians need to understand what’s at stake when we talk about altering the Delta.  It is Northern California’s Yosemite.  When we start tampering with something of that magnitude, we need to be clear of the consequences. It is the economic engine for an entire region and ecosystem for a wintering waterfowl population as well as the West Coast’s largest estuary.”

*BUDGET:  “Now is the time to freeze spending and let the economy grow.  The state tax extensions have expired, and lo’ and behold, state revenues are up.  It is a system that works – every time it’s been put into place.  “We are currently the third highest taxed state in the nation, and we don’t want to go for first place.  Cut spending to catch up>


State Senator Lois Wolk.



“The Governor’s overall approach is fiscally sound and should be supported by the legislature this session and the voters this November.  It balances difficult cuts with temporary taxes to eliminate our deficit and get us back on sound fiscal footing. He also continued to emphasize shifting more authority locally and bringing government closer to the people.

*SCHOOLS: “I especially like the Governor’s proposal to give local school boards, teachers, and principals more discretion on how to spend their dollars to meet their specific needs. 

*ENERGY: “I also support his emphasis on investing more in renewable energy.  There is tremendous potential for economic growth and environmental benefits, especially in the agriculture sector.  I have several legislative proposals that will help.

 “On the Delta, I accept the Governor’s invitation to engage constructively to find a solution to restore the Delta and improve water supply reliability for the state.  However, I don’t think it will require what the Governor described as “an enormous project,” a giant canal, and taking 100,000 acres of Delta farmland out of production.  But it will require supporting everyone’s effort to reduce reliance on the Delta as their primary source of water and relying more on sustainable regional water supplies.   I look forward to working with the Governor and others on developing an affordable and realistic solution that all Californians can support.”


Assembly member Kristin Olsen


“California is an incredible state and still has potential for tremendous prosperity if we get our budget deficit under control, make bold reforms, and put Californians back to work.

*TAXES & JOBS: “While I strongly disagree with Governor Brown’s push to increase taxes, I believe he has a sincere desire to get California back on the right track. But without a solid plan for job creation and meaningful structural reforms, talk of fixing our problems long-term is nothing more than lip service.

 “We can’t afford to just chip away at these major issues. I am ready to work on bold reforms with Governor Brown and my colleagues in the Legislature this year so we can bring jobs back to California and make real progress on the issues plaguing our state.”