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State news briefs
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SF MAN ARRESTED IN POST-WORLD SERIES VANDALISM: SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco police have arrested a man in connection with the vandalism of a city bus during celebrations following the Giants World Series victory.

Twenty-two-year-old Gregory Tyler Graniss was taken into custody on Tuesday and booked into county jail on suspicion of felony vandalism and injuring or destroying a passenger transit vehicle.

Police say Graniss was identified with the help of a photo published in the San Francisco Chronicle that showed a man smashing the windshield of the bus with a barrier just after midnight on Monday morning.

Several businesses also had their windows smashed and a city bus was set on fire in the sometimes rowdy celebrations that followed Sunday's World Series win. Dozens of people were arrested.

Investigators are continuing to try to identify a suspect in the bus torching.

FATHER FILES SCHOOL DISTRICT DISCRIMINATION SUIT: REDWOOD CITY  (AP) — The father of a black teenager has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against a Northern California school district because an employee called his son a slave.

N'Jai LeBlanc says he decided to sue the Redwood City School District on Monday after Selby Lane School leaders and district officials downplayed the January lunchroom incident during his meeting with them.

LeBlanc's 13-year-old son was ordered to pick up lunchroom debris and he told a school employee he's not a slave.

The lawsuit says the employee told the teen it isn't a free country and added, "You are my slave." The employee later apologized.

LeBlanc tells the Palo Alto Daily News that the word slave is just like the N-word to him.

UCLA FIRST UC CAMPUS TO IMPOSE SMOKING BAN: LOS ANGELES (AP) — The University of California is banning smoking on its 10 campuses in 2014, but UCLA has decided to go tobacco free this spring.

Cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco will be prohibited on the UCLA campus starting April 22.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block says in a news release that his goal is to become the nation's healthiest college campus.

The ban is designed to promote community well-being through research, education, nutrition and exercise, among other things.

Tobacco users will have access to various resources to help them quit, including a free nicotine replacement starter kit.

BURBANK BOY SURVIVES FALLING OUT 2ND STORY WINDOW: BURBANK  (AP) — Burbank police say a boy who was jumping on his bed in a second-story room fell of a window and survived the 35-foot drop.

Tthe 4-year-old suffered cuts on his head and a bloody nose from Tuesday's fall.

Sgt. Darin Ryburn says the boy was treated for his injuries at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and held overnight for observation.

COUNTY SUPERVISORS OPPOSE NUKE PLANT SEISMIC TESTS: SAN LUIS OBISPO  (AP) — San Luis Obispo County supervisors are opposed to high-energy offshore seismic testing near a California central coast nuclear power plant.

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. wants to use big air guns to emit strong sound waves into a large area off the Diablo Canyon plant, an area that includes parts of marine reserves, to make three-dimensional maps of fault zones.

A state environmental analysis says the tests would likely adversely affect marine life and the environment.

PG&E spokesman Blair Jones said Wednesday that the utility is committed to safe testing, adding similar tests conducted worldwide have not had longtime impacts on marine life.

Ssupervisors voted Tuesday to oppose the tests.

The California Coastal Commission considers PG&E's plans at a Nov. 14 meeting.