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Suspect dead, officer hurt in Stockton shooting
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STOCKTON  (AP) — Stockton police say an officer fatally shot a 19-year-old man who had wounded another officer during a shootout.

The police department said Thursday that Chomrean Meas of Stockton was shot during a confrontation with two officers shortly before 10 p.m. Wednesday near Plaza Robles High School.

Officials say Meas did not follow police orders, then pulled out a handgun and shot Officer Keith Berry in the stomach. Officer Tom Heslin returned fire, striking Meas.

Police say Berry and Meas were taken to a hospital where the suspect died from his injuries. The officer underwent abdominal surgery and is in stable condition.

Officials say the officer shot Meas to protect himself, his colleague and others in the area.

Severed heads of 2 dogs

 found in South LA trash

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police are asking for the public's help to find whoever killed two dogs and placed their severed heads in a South Los Angeles trash bin.

Police say a citizen called police Tuesday night after finding the remains of a chocolate Labrador Retriever and a tan German Shepherd mix in the dumpster near Slauson and South Vermont avenues.

LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith tells the Los Angeles Times the heads appeared to have been severed with what investigators believe was a very sharp object.

The case is being investigated by the LAPD's Animal Cruelty Task Force with the assistance of the city's Department of Animal Services.

Birthers sue Calif. over

candidate eligibility

SACRAMENTO AP) — People who believe President Barack Obama was born in Africa have filed a lawsuit demanding California's secretary of state verify the eligibility of presidential candidates before allowing them on the November ballot.

Minor party politicians and voters aligned with the so-called birthers movement filed the suit in Sacramento that also raises questions about Mitt Romney's eligibility to run for president. Attorney Gary Kreep tells the Los Angeles Times ( ) that stems from Romney's parents living in Mexico for many years.

The suit was filed by Republican primary write-in candidate John Albert Dummett Jr., Markham Robinson of the American Independent Party of California and others. Robinson was among those who claimed in 2009 Obama was ineligible to be president.

Obama has released a birth certificate showing he was born in Honolulu.