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Swastikas ripped from house, new sign goes up
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SACRAMENTO (AP) — A California man put up a new sign on his house Tuesday, a day after a protester tore down swastikas posters and a wooden statue that accompanied the display.

The new sign on the front door of the Sacramento home reads “TERRORISM?” in blue text, according to The Sacramento Bee.

In the initial signs, swastikas replaced the blue Star of David on an Israeli flag and the stars on an American flag.

Neighbors and state lawmakers had urged the homeowner to take down the offensive signs but acknowledge he has a right to free speech.

A protester named Robert Dixon took responsibility for damaging the display, KOVR-TV, a CBS affiliate in Sacramento, reported.

“This is despicable, what this man did,” Dixon said of the homeowner. “I am going to do what I think needed to be done for this neighborhood, for these people. God bless America.”