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Thieves ram store in truck, make off with jewelry
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MODESTO  (AP) — Police are looking for a group of thieves who used a pickup truck to smash into a Modesto jewelry store and made off with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

Modesto police Lt. Rick Armendariz says around 11:20 p.m. Thursday a truck with four or five people in it drove through the front door of Rogers Jewelers Co.

Surveillance video captured images of the suspects jumping out of the truck, grabbing jewelry and running from the store.

When police arrived they found the truck had been left behind, but a trail of jewelry led officers across a local street, through a chain link fence and to nearby Highway 99.

Investigators believe the suspects made off in a vehicle that was waiting for them on the highway. The pickup truck used in the heist was stolen from a nearby neighborhood.

Police did not provide an exact amount of the loss.