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Unsafe conditions at Richmond mosque
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RICHMOND, Calif. (AP) — Richmond city inspectors say a mosque housed in a World War II-era former Kaiser field hospital is structurally unsound, violates several building codes and should be evacuated.

City Prosecutor Trisha Aljoe tells the Contra Costa Times that an inspection last month of the Islamic center Masjid Noor revealed potentially dangerous conditions including floors and ceilings that are collapsing. Aljoe says officials cited dozens of code violations.

Council member Corky Boozé questioned the inspectors' findings and says he will put the issue on the City Council's agenda to gather more information.

The mosque is housed in a former hospital, first built for shipyard workers and their families in the 1940s. The newspaper says it is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. The building was sold to the mosque by Kaiser in the late 1990s.