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Water district recycling waste water form lawns
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PLEASANTON (AP) — A Northern California water district is offering residents recycled wastewater to use on their lawns and plants, as it tries to cut water use during the drought.

The Contra Costa Times reports that about 60 people are now making regular runs for the water from the Dublin San Ramon Services District, which also provides sewage services.

The water is not for drinking. But officials say it can help residents meet a required 25 percent water cut by replacing the freshwater they use for activities such as washing their horses.

The amount of water the recycling station has given away so far is small compared to the 10 million gallons a day of drinking water that the district pumps to 77,000 people in Dublin and the Dougherty Valley in San Ramon.

But officials say they are hopeful it will change people’s attitudes about recycled wastewater.