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Weather not cold enough to damage crops
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FRESNO (AP) —  From Los Angeles to San Francisco, people awoke to cold, sometimes near-freezing temperatures Sunday, but could take solace in the fact that their weather was not nearly as bad as that brought by the brutal storms dumping ice, wind and snow on much of the rest of the country.

In California’s fertile Central Valley, farmers expressed gratitude that although temperatures fell into the freezing range overnight they did not go low enough to damage the citrus crop.

Although temperatures dropped into the 20s, farmers were able to protect their crops with wind machines.

“Field reports indicate that if there is damage to the valley’s orange crop, it will be minuscule,” California Citrus Mutual said in a statement released Sunday.

Citrus officials noted that temperatures had been forecast to be even colder.

Meanwhile, overnight lows in Los Angeles and surrounding areas were in the high 30s, with highs reaching the 50s at the beaches and low 60s inland.

That’s cold by Southern California standards, but skies were sunny, as they were across almost all of the state.

In the San Gabriel Mountains, the back road connecting the Antelope Valley to the San Gabriel Valley was reopened Sunday after being closed because of snow and ice earlier in the week. Authorities warned travelers that there is still ice on the roads at elevations of 6,000 feet or more, however.

The unseasonably cold temperatures were expected to continue for at least the next day, with an overnight frost advisory issued for LA’s surrounding valleys, where temperatures were expected to fall into the 30s again.