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Woman told to take down her lost dog signs
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CLOVIS (AP) — A Clovis woman whose dog has been missing for two months is being told by the city to remove her lost dog signs.

ThMostof the signs displaying a picture of her dog Lainey and offering a $1000 reward have been taken down, but fliers on utility poles remain. City officials say two months is too long and the signs must come down.

The dog’s owner, Jaimy Gaines, says Lainey ran away during a wind storm in April.

Since then, Gaines has posted signs around the city and launched a social media campaign in hopes that someone will return her 5-year-old miniature schnauzer.

Clovis police Cpl. John Willow says police have been understanding of Gaines’ situation, but they have to enforce the law.