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Students help design tutoring center
CROP TOP  interior design
Students from Manteca Unifieds Interior Design class include, from left, Dominique Di San Martin, Evelyn Gonzalez, Ariadna Rueles, Erika Campos, Braulio Solis, and Jennifer Rodriguez. Not pictured are Manny Kaur and Taylor Bailes. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT / The Bulletin

The old Career Center at Manteca High is about to get flipped.

This once catch-all room in the main office will soon be converted into a Tutoring Center via the Health Science Department.

But it’s Interior Design – a new Regional Occupational Program class of the Manteca Unified School District – under the directions of instructor Angie Anaya, taking the lead on this project.

“This is a real world project-based class,” she said on Thursday.

Imagine a coffee-house look for this circa 1997 facility, equipped with a sofa, upholstered chairs, area rug and coffee table on the window-side of the room.

Pods of tables and chairs are planned for the opposite side of the room, featuring a ceiling mounted projector and screen.

The existing kitchenette area will be the beverage area. Included will be a microwave oven, coffee maker, and a small refrigerator for after school snacks.

An interactive chalk board wall and art gallery to display the works of students is also part of the plans.

“Students will feel as if this is their space,” said Anaya, who currently has seven students enrolled in this first-year program.

When completed – Anaya, for now, is estimating sometime in January – it will essentially be a meeting place for anyone on campus.

Prep work started not too long ago. The project also includes a fresh coat of paint, an area rug, and new light fixture.

Students have their areas of responsibility.

Dominique Di San Martin, for starters, is handling kitchenette space equipped with cupboards.

Erika Campos is taking care of the accessories while Ariadna Rueles is in charge of the furniture.

Braulio Solis and Jennifer Rodriguez are taking on the flooring and lighting, respectively.

Manny Kaur is overseeing the paints and Taaylor Bailes is managing electronics.

The students have been working closely with Anaya and her teacher aide Evelyn Gonzalez, and Ricardo Cuevas and Ray Cavazos in maintenance 

The goal is to flip the old Career Center into a modern and inviting Tutoring Center and Student Union for all students, according to Anaya.

“My students are the driving force behind the new design,” she said. “All design concepts have been created by the design team.”

They’ve analyzed the space, interviewed teachers, researched materials and items, and even met with administrators and maintenance folks, Anaya added.

She also had a wish list. The Interior Design class is looking for donations of a countertop, sink, coffee maker, coffee table, couch, fun lighting, and area rug, to name a few.

Those looking to help out can call 209.858.7410 or email