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Supersizing of McMansions during 2000s
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The 1950s was the era of the flat-top in Manteca with a typical home – even those with traditional roof lines - consisting of a one-car garage, a little over 800 square feet and two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Such a home cost less than $7,000 new.

It is a world away from the last decade when McMansions super-sized in Manteca topping out at just over 4,500 square feet for the largest tract home. At the peak of the housing market at mid-decade such a home was selling for $750,000 or 107 times more than the typical new Manteca home in the 1950s.

By the decade’s end the prices on the McMansion resales had fallen back down to earth with the most prolific floor plan – the 4,336-square-foot rectangular boxy look of the largest Seeno Home built in Heritage Ranch near Cowell School – plunging to as low as $285,000.

At the height of the housing market last decade, the average home built in Manteca topped 3,050 square feet.

The average new home size started retreating in 2007 and hit a decade low average of 1,577 square feet in February 2008. That size was more in tune with the 1970s in Manteca when single-story shake roof homes such as those built around Shasta Park were all the rage. They typically were between 1,400 and 1,700 square feet with prices starting to creep up toward $40,000 for such new homes.

This past November, Manteca issued 37 permits for new homes. The average square footage was 2,560 square feet or just 200 square feet more than homes being built in Manteca during the first month of this century.