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4th grader sells lemonade to help girl, 10, fight cancer
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Sequoia School fourth grader Lorelai Howay has poured out $120 in lemonade at her sidewalk stand on Veach Avenue over three days to help fellow student Emma Lockwood, 10, who is fighting bone cancer at her school. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

Lorelai Howay has been selling lemonade at her sidewalk stand for the last three days in the 100 block of Veach Avenue to help fellow student Emma Lockwood, 10, in her fight against bone cancer
So far she’s raised $120.
Nine-year-old Lorelai set up her stand and umbrella on the sidewalk in front of her home half a block north of the 700 block of Yosemite Avenue. She’s asking $1 a cup for ice cold, homemade, 100 percent organic, sweet and sour lemonade.
Emma and her mother Michelle have been making daily trips to the Oakland Kaiser Children’s Hospital. Lorelai hopes the money she is collecting can go toward the price of transportation to the Bay Area hospital. 
The enterprising young girl said that she didn’t know Emma before setting up the stand – having only heard of her from teachers and parents and a story in the newspaper.
 “I haven’t been able to meet her,” Lorelai said, “but I hope I can meet her soon.”
She added that teachers and some of the other students have bought black and gold t-shirts and wore them to school in support of the fifth grader.  As for her lemonade stand, “I got more than I expected,” she said. “The neighbor across the street and my mom put it on Facebook and a lot of the teachers came by.”
Her teacher Brenda Van Boven Thomason stopped by her stand Tuesday afternoon and bought a cup of lemonade. 
Mrs. Thomason’s message: “She’ll be out there the rest of the week.  Stop by and buy a cup for only $1 and tell her Mrs. Thomason sent you.”
Lorelai plans to keep her small stand open through Sunday, hoping to draw many more customers from all over Manteca in the name of the fifth grade student at her school, Emma Lockwood.  She had heard Emma has been frustrated and depressed this week and hopes in some way the lemonade sales might cheer her up.