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Texas students cycle thru Manteca on cancer ride
Texas 4000
The Texas 4000 for Cancer team that will arrive in Manteca on July 2. - photo by Photo Contributed
A bicycle ride twice as long as the Tour de France called Texas 4000 for Cancer will be riding through Manteca on Thursday, July 2.

Riders braving 70 days of rain, sleet, wind, snow, and heat in support of cancer research will journey through the city as they make their way to Anchorage, Alaska.  The 4,687-mile bicycle journey to Alaska which began June 6th is designed to share Hope, Knowledge and Charity with those fighting cancer.  While in Manteca, the riders will visit with cancer patients to learn their stories and spread awareness with the community about cancer prevention.

“This ride is a metaphor for the struggle cancer patients face each day,” said Sense Corp Texas 4000 for Cancer Executive Director, Jamille Ruebsahm. “This summer the riders will battle hail, rain, wind and snow, yet at the end of the day they will get off their bikes and rest.  Cancer patients do not have that luxury.”

In its sixth year, more than 40 student riders began their journey in Austin with a 70 mile community bike ride called ATLAS.  From there, the riders head north, separating into two routes: Rockies and Coastal and continue onward in what is now considered the longest charity bicycle ride in the world.  Throughout their journey, riders stop along the route to educate people about cancer prevention and early detection, visit with cancer patients and raise funds for cancer research.  They also use this time to offer hope, encouragement and hugs to cancer patients of all ages.  Additionally, each team member dedicates their daily ride to someone fighting cancer.

“It is absolutely astounding to see these young riders put their bodies and minds to the test and travel more than 4,500 miles each year to draw awareness to cancer,” said Keat Wilkins, CEO

Sense Corp, presenting sponsor of Texas 4000.  “These young people demonstrate strong character and they are truly excellent role models in their desire to do their part and make a difference.”

The Sense Corp Texas 4000 started six years ago when one man, Chris Condit, sought a way to share a message of hope, knowledge and charity to those with cancer.  A cancer survivor himself, Condit decided to take an epic 4,500-mile journey from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska—on his bicycle.

To learn more about the people that make up the Sense Corp Texas 4000 riders, to make a donation or read the bikers’ blogs visit