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Thrown hamburger precursor to beating
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An off-duty federal agent went to the aid of a 51-year-old motorist Wednesday morning as he was being attacked by two Manteca men.
The victim was driving out of the Kmart parking lot on Northgate Drive west of North Main Street when the incident happened.
The federal agent detained the suspects at gunpoint until Manteca officers arrived.  Manteca Police Sgt. Jodie Estarziau said the motorist was hesitating as he drove out of the parking lot to let the two men walk by the front of his car on the sidewalk.  One of the men allegedly threw a hamburger at the windshield of his vehicle as he waited.   The driver got out his car, asking them to remove the burger.  As they exchanged words, the two allegedly beat the older man to the ground and both began kicking him in the body and in the head when the off-duty officer interrupted the beating.  As the duo reportedly began to run from the scene, the agent ordered them to halt at gunpoint and took them into custody placing them on the ground.
Police said the man suffered a split head and other injuries and was treated at the scene by medics before being transported to an area hospital for further treatment. Arrested were Felix Rodriguez Duenas, III and Julian Palaganas, 21, both of Manteca.  They were charged with assault with a deadly weapon due to the extent of the man’s injuries using their hands and feet — two ganging up on one individual, police said. Duenas was additionally charged with assault with force that would likely cause great bodily injury.