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Two East Union seniors receive Close Up Foundation Awards
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Two seniors from East Union High School were awarded with Close Up Foundation Full Tuition Award, also referred to as the Washington, D.C., Scholarship.
The Close Up Foundation is a non-profit, nonpartisan educational organization that was founded in 1971. This program offers high school students an in-depth view of the democratic process by interactive participation.
This year, AVID instructors, Sandy Riggins, — Godfrey, Julieta Salcedo, and Deborah Krug planned a trip to Washington. D.C. .for their AVID students. They encouraged not only their AVID kids, but all students on campus to apply for this amazing opportunity.
“I applied for the D.C. Scholarship because I felt like this trip will inspire my career choice and it will open opportunities, such as an internship in D.C.” said scholarship recipient Angelica Ortiz.
The Close Up Foundation Full Tuition Award is worth nearly $3000. Both students awarded with this incredible trip have their flight, hotel, and all meals paid for.
“The moment they said my name it felt as if my heart fell, I turned super red. I couldn’t believe it, I just won an amazing opportunity. My first thought was should I cry, jump, or something. I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day,” explained Ortiz.
Other recipient, Patrick Shouland, wasn’t too sure about attending the trip until his family finally convinced him.
“I haven’t been to D.C., but I have always wanted to tour and experience it,” explained Patrick Shouland. “I’m mostly excited about the war memorials, especially the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial because it was always my grandpa’s dream to visit that wall since he served, so I get to live that for him. It should be great!”