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Urgent care center planned for Ripon
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RIPON - An urgent care center for Ripon residents in the planning for the last three years may soon be a reality at a yet undisclosed location.

James Simmons—a resident in the community since 2000 – said he has been planning to build a medical facility in Ripon that will fill the needs of residents when their doctors’ offices are closed.

Simmons said he has studied the target population and believes he can provide the service. The clinic would be open from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. daily and will welcome patients on a PPO or HMO plan when their primary care physicians cannot see them the same day.

Residents on Kaiser Insurance would still have to go to the Kaiser facility, he said.  The urgent care center will also be equipped with radiology as well as a lab.  

Part of the business will be philanthropic designed to help school students.  

There will also be some free services directed at those patients who cannot pay, he said.

Simmons added that he knows that some people don’t have health insurance.  They will be charged $75 to $100 on a cash basis, he added.

Simmons had asked that the city conduct a survey within the community entertaining community response to the need for an urgent care facility. 

Councilman Dean Uecker and Mayor Chuck Winn both noted that a survey is not needed. Winn added that Simmons had already carried out his own survey related to the need.