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Walk in honor of police on Saturday in Ripon
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Ripon residents are walking Saturday morning to honor Ripon Police officers.
At least 50 walkers are expected to “Honor Our Blue” — the theme of the event —who serve to make the community the 10th safest in California based on statistics referenced by organizers.
Jennifer Sanguinetti, with the help of Jessica Coleman, are coordinating the tribute to Ripon’s police officers. The event featuring walkers will start at 9:45 a.m. at Park View Elementary School in Ripon.  The first 100 children to participate will be receiving free T-shirts with the theme of the walk “Honor Our Blue” emblazoned on the front with the American Flag.
Sanguinetti put out the call for walkers on her Facebook website this week and has drawn many interested citizens. 
Park View is located just south of River Road and west of Mistlin Sports Park.  The walk will go down Fulton Avenue and over the Highway 99 overpass, past the community’s first roundabout to the police department on Wilma Avenue.  Officers are parking several of their patrol units in front of their headquarters.
Retired Stockton police officer Jason Barnett of Barnett’s Custom Designs provided all the T-shirts for the parade’s younger walkers. 
Officer Alex Burgois said the men and women of the department are humbled by the support they have received from the walk to homemade food and treats being brought to their office daily by members of the community.  He added that the ground swell of support has been fantastic and shows a lot of backing for officers.
Sanguinetti said she shouldn’t be getting any credit for the walk because it is rather the people of the community showing their appreciation for Chief Ed Ormonde and his officers.  She said there has been so much negative press on the media with officers being questioned and murdered that she felt it was time to show a positive side from the citizenry.  Bicycle officers are expected to be there Saturday escorting the walk to the police department.
Sanguinetti said she has no officers in her family adding that she was taught to respect officers as she was growing up.  Her four children are being taught the same value of respecting the police, she added. 
Her friend Jessica Coleman who stepped up to help organize the event was the founder of “Color the Skies,” balloon festival that she ran for some 10 years.