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We Set Fire gets invite to Spirit West Coast fest
We Set Fire – a Manteca-based Christian metal band – will once again be performing at the Spirit West Coast Christian music festival. Pictured, from left, are singer Mike Higuera, former drummer Josh Mara, guitarist Josh Stoner, guitarist Randy Greer and bassist John Kautzer. Not pictured is drummer Logan Culis.
Randy Greer and Josh Stoner got their first taste of stardom back in November when they tried to enjoy a relaxing day at Southern California’s Disneyland.

They had no idea that as the two guitar players of “We Set Fire” – a Manteca-based Christian metal group that was still riding high on their performance at one of the largest Christian music festivals on the West Coast just months earlier in Del Mar – that they’d be recognized by people inside the park that had seen them perform and become fans of their music.

“What was really cool about playing that show was there were people there that actually had stuff like pictures printed out for us to sign – they knew who we were before we got there,” said Greer. “People just rushed our merchandise table after we finished our set and we spent like four hours signing and talking to people.

“And there were ripples after that show like being recognized at Disneyland, which was really surreal.”

Rounding out the band is singer Josh Higuera, drummer Logan Culis bassist Jonathan Kautzer.  

Both Kautzer and Greer are Manteca natives.

While the majority of the members are currently college students, the opportunities to play live shows during the fall and spring semesters are limited to monthly performances when they can be scheduled. Once the weather starts to warm up and classes end for the summer, the shows increase to once or twice a week throughout the Central Valley and beyond.

And this summer they’re once again getting the nod to play at Spirit West Coast in August – this time taking their brand of music to Monterey where they hope to attract even more fans.

The festival takes place in Monterey August 4-6, with the band performing on the sixth. Advanced presale tickets can be purchased at, and when purchased through the band’s link help improve their performance slot during the festival.

“Right now, personally, I’m really excited because we know what it’s like to play at something like this after doing it last year,” Greer said. “Now it’s all about being prepared and presenting our new music with a heads-up of what to expect.

“Last year we had to drive from the top of California all the day down to Del Mar – a 13-hour drive – and we barely made it to the stage on time. We know what we’re doing a little bit more now, and we’re really excited about being up on that stage in front of all of those people.”

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