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Weekly karaoke starting at Main Street Cafe
Judi Hoagland was among the competitors in last year’s Manteca Idol. One of the organizers of that event is planning a family-style karaokes on Mondays at Main Street Café. - photo by HIME ROMERO/The Bulletin
Afraid to get up in front of that crowd and show them what you’ve got?

Worried that the pipes might have gotten a little rusty over the years and you can’t hit the high notes like you once did?

Well, worry no further.

Julie Torres – one the judges of the successfully running Manteca Idol series – negotiated a weekly karaoke on Mondays at the Main Street Café from 4 to 8 p.m. that is free to the public and open to all who want to come rock out to their favorite tunes.

“It opens the doors a little bit for some of those who haven’t officially sang in front of a live audience before, and allows them to get over their fears,” Torres said. “One of the big things that we try to push at Manteca Idol is a family environment, and this not being at a bar means that anyone can come in and try their luck. A group of people and I were all talking about having more family functions here in town, and I called Jackie (owner) and we put this together.”

Though not an official Manteca Idol event (Torres set everything up on her own) the project could serve as a launching pad for the event that has made a comeback in recent years thanks to new oversight and a completely new format.

While it still serves as a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club during the organization’s annual telethon – where the finalists perform live on Comcast Cable TV prior to being crowned the winner – it has also blossomed into its own family-style event that Torres and other area people have been clamoring for.

“It has turned into a community, and a place where families can get together with things in common,” Torres said. “She said. “It gives kids an outlet so that they aren’t out running on the streets. Maybe they won’t end up being rock stars or professional singers, but it gives them a positive outlet that we need today.”

Main Street Café is located on West Yosemite Avenue across from the Manteca Marketplace Cinema.

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