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What about adding costume contest with Pumpkin Run?
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What would make the Faustina Rosas Pumpkin Run even more fun?

It appears some of the runners, like Karen Peterson, have the answer to that question. At the fun run on Saturday, they let their costumes provide the answer to that question.

While the fun run is first and foremost a non-competitive event that draws together people, young and old alike, who enjoy this form of outdoor exercise while demonstrating what community spirit is all about, there are those who would like to take it a little further by coming to event in full Halloween costume.

Peterson was just one of several who took the fun in the run literally by dressing up in costume. She took the 5K challenge by showing up as a running pumpkin. Her husband even helped her design her gourd-looking outfit. A couple of other runners also jazzed up their running raiments with glittering pumpkin-colored tutus they purchased at local stores like TJ Maxx.

Which brings us to an idea for next year’s Pumpkin Run. How about inviting runners to come in costume next time? I imagine it wouldn’t be hard to convince participants to don their fun costumes considering Halloween is just around the corner when the Pumpkin Fair rolls around. That would just double the fun in the fun run, agreed Peterson who said she will show up again in costume next year.

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