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Who is trashing Lathrop?
Police using tech to ID & catch illegal dumpers
Can you ID the ID this trio that illegally dumped doors and other trash on Park Street in Lathrop on Saturday, Sept. 30?

Lathrop Police have been having a hard time figuring out who has been responsible for dumping garbage at several points throughout the community.
So they threw up some high-resolution cameras in several strategic locations to wait and see whether those problem areas would draw more law-breakers.
And they did.
On Saturday, Sept. 30, Lathrop Police Services obtained video and still photographs from a camera that was positioned near the intersection of McKinley Avenue and Park Street – where a rural thoroughfare intersects with an unpaved road – that show two white males and a white female in a white late-model Chevy Silverado 4x4 pickup truck dumping trash and then driving away.
Lathrop Police Chief James Hood is asking the public if anybody recognizes the three people pictured in the photographs to contact his office at 209.858.5551.
“When we have video evidence of somebody dumping it’s beyond circumstantial at that point – we now have physical evidence of them committing a crime,” Hood said. “We can see them arriving with a truckload of trash and watch them pull it out and drive away and we’re asking for anybody who may recognize these people to contact us.
“This is becoming a problem, and it’s something that we want to prevent.”
According to Hood, the cameras have been up for about a month – relaying the feed to the City of Lathrop’s IT Department. He hopes that they’ll serve their purpose by either capturing people in the act of dumping their trash or prove to be a deterrent and force somebody would considering doing that to think again.
Every time somebody dumps their trash on the city street and drives away, Hood said, it ends up costing the taxpayers of Lathrop who have to pay the salaries of city workers to come and clean up the mess.
“It’s becoming expensive for us to go out there and clean up the trash on a weekly basis,” Hood said. “So at this point we’re looking into apprehending the people who are responsible for this, and possibly pursuing recovering some of the funds for clean-up.
“The city council invested the money in these cameras and we’re hoping that their placement will put an end to this.”
Anybody who observes somebody dumping their trash on a street or in a remote location within Lathrop’s city limits after hours is being encouraged to contact the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department Dispatch Center at 209.468.4400.

To contact reporter Jason Campbell email or call 209.249.3544.