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Winds nearly topple Carls Jr.s giant inflatable hamburger
West Yosemite Avenue Carls Jr. employee Pedro Tellez tries to put back one of the sidewalk banner advertisements Wednesday afternoon. Conspicuously absent on the fast-foods rooftop behind him is the restaurants giant inflatable plastic hamburger which had to be unplugged because of Wednesdays strong wind gusts. - photo by ROSE ALBANO RISSO

How strong was the wind on Wednesday in Manteca?

Strong enough – up to 40 miles an hour, according to the National Weather Service - that it almost turned the inflatable advertisement on top of Carl’s Jr. at West Yosemite Avenue into a flying giant hamburger over Manteca.

Employee Pedro Tellez said they first noticed the giant plastic hamburger teetering and wildly swaying in the wind when they heard noises coming from the roof while they were serving customers inside the restaurant. When they saw what was happening with the roof-top advertising display, Tellez went and tried to steady the inflatable burger.

“But the wind was just too strong, so I just went and unplugged it,” Tellez said.

Later in the evening, shift supervisor Ray Garcia said the giant burger was plugged in and inflated once more and beckoning to prospective customers.

The same incident was repeated at the Carl’s Jr. fast-food restaurant on Hulsey Way near the Home Depot shopping center on the west side of Highway 99. The employee who answered the phone said they also had to unplug their flying advertisement to avoid a repeat of the incident that happened a few years ago. Some people said the inflatable burger atop the restaurant was knocked off by the strong gusts of wind and carried it over the freeway. However, the employee said that is not the way it happened. While it’s true that the giant plastic burger was torn off from the roof “it didn’t land on the freeway,” she said. It simply deflated and fell on the roof, she explained. And nobody was hurt, she added.

The Manteca Public Works Department did not receive any reports of any major incidents in town as a result of Wednesday’s strong wind gusts.

The winds died down later in the evening, decreasing to 30 miles an hour after midnight, according to the National Weather Service.

Spring-like weather is expected today and the rest of the week through Wednesday. Mostly sunny days are predicted today through Sunday, with clear to mostly clear skies Monday to Wednesday. The National Weather Service is also predicting highs to be from the mid-50s to low 60s through Wednesday.